roots revival

Roots Revival Series @ Theater Odeon Wien
is an international and cross-cultural entity which aims to promote the musical heritage from around the globe, to enhance the mobility of artists and intercultural artistic dialogue and to create high quality music content that binds tradition and innovation and with the focus on global contemporary challenges humanity faces.

alkhayyat / thiele

Saif Alkhayyat – OUD Nora Thiele – PERC

Saif Al-Khayyat & Nora Thiele met in Leipzig in 2002 and began their musical collaboration, which is committed to the exploration and gentle renewal of Iraqi maqam music. Their first duo album „Ahlam Babiliyya“ was released in 2014 to critical acclaim. The record release tour took the duo through Germany and Switzerland in 2015. In the same year, the duo won the „Creole“ world music prize in Berlin.

rugged silk

Zenker / Thiele

Nora Thiele – PERC SET

sassoon / Thiele


Simkhat Hanefesh

Simkhat hanefesh brings yiddish songs and jewish music from the Renaissance and Baroque periods to life. The ensemble combines current academic research and investigation with many years of experience in early music.
The ensemble is led by Dr. Diana Matut and aims to raise awareness of this cultural treasure and the beauty of the time-honoured Yiddish songs.


„Multaqa” means meeting point. This ensemble is focussed in the uniting element ot oriental and occidental cultures, music and religions. This programme shows suprising connections of sephardic, yiddish, arabic and early music; bringing together versed and virtuos specialists on stage. Music doesn’t know boundaries – music is the answer.